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Skiareál Hochficht
Skiareál Hochficht - lanovka
Skiareál Hochficht - lyžování
Skiareál Hochficht
Skiareál Hochficht
Skiareál Hochficht

Ski area Hochficht – winter raised to the power of three

Skiareal Hochficht

Quality sports skiing and snow guarantee on the skiing swing with 21 km of slopes

Hochficht is the best and largest ski resort in the Czech-Austrian-Bavarian Šumava. It is also the best resort compared to all ski resorts in the Czech Republic with 21 km of ski slopes, creating a fun skiing swing between three peaks of Šumava Smrčina – Hraničník – Zwieselberg.

High snow guarantee provided by the altitude of 930–1,330 meters above sea level and 100% coverage of all 12 ski slopes by the snowmaking system, the longest ski slope with a length of 3.4 km, 2 cabin lifts and 3 quad chairlifts, two ski slopes with FIS race homologation, a boardercross track, and many other attractions make Hochficht a true gem of downhill skiing in a non-Alpine environment.

Ski area Hochficht - TOP 1 of the ski resorts in the Czech-Austrian-Bavarian Bohemian Forest

Altitude 930 - 1 338 MASL
Number of cable cars / chairlifts / lifts / mobile carpets 2 / 3 / 2 / 2
Total transport capacity 16 409 persons / hour
Total number of downhill tracks 12
Total length of downhill tracks 20,8 km
Difficulty levels of downhill tracks Blue, red, black
The longest downhill track Stierwiese - 3 400 m
The highest drop of a downhill track Krummauer route - 479 m
Technical snow of downhill tracks 20,8 km = 100 % downhill tracks
Ski pass price for 1 day adults/children up to 19 (2,00 Euros deposit per issued lift ticket) € 52,00 / € 26,00
Ski pass price for 6 days adults/children up to 19 (2,00 Euros deposit per issued lift ticket) € 243,00 / € 122,00