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Information about Cookies

When browsing websites, small data files called "cookies" are stored in the user's web browser. A cookie is a small text file that is transferred to the computer when the user visits a website. It allows subsequent analysis of the user's behaviour during the visit, determining the number of visits, and mapping the pages opened during the visit. A cookie contains basic information about the user's visit to the website, such as the names of the visited pages. The content of the cookie is stored in a separate directory on the user's computer. By double-clicking on the file, further information about the visited pages, date, and time of the visit can be obtained. All data is also available to the administrator of the websites visited by the user.

By adjusting the browser settings, the user can disable the use of cookies, delete them, or define conditions under which they can be used. As a result, the user may not be able to fully utilize the functionality of the visited websites. The basic settings of the web browser allow the use of cookies and reject cookies that do not originate from the currently viewed pages.

The website administrator may link personal data provided by the user during registration with data contained in cookies. The website administrator may use information obtained through cookies independently or in combination with personal data to evaluate the use of websites. They may create outputs about website activities, statistically analyse data, or provide other services related to website usage.

By accessing the websites owned by Lipno Lake s.r.o., the visitor agrees to the installation of cookies and also gives consent to the use of personal and other data contained in the cookies or obtained by processing and integrating this data. Our company is committed to protecting this data, not transmitting personal data to other entities, and respecting your wish not to further store this data.

GOOGLE - Privacy Policy and Terms of Service: more here

List of cookie files used on the corporate websites of Lipno Lake s.r.o.:

Google Analytics - for customer satisfaction analysis.

Facebook - for customer satisfaction analysis.

In terms of the function cookies fulfill, they can be divided as follows:

  • conversion and tracking – they allow analysis of the performance of various sales channels

  • remarketing – they allow personalization of ad content and proper targeting

  • analytical - they help improve the quality of websites
  • essential - they are important for the basic functionality of the website