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Information about Cookies

Small data files called “cookies” are saved in user´s web browser when going through websites. A cookie is a small text file which is transmitted into a computer at the moment of visiting a website by a user. It prepares the way for a further analysis of user´s behaviour when visiting a web page, for counting the visits and for reverse mapping of open websites during the visit. A cookie includes basic information about user´s visit of websites, for example the name of visited websites. The content of cookie is saved in a separated directory in user´s computer. A double click on the file enables the user to gain more information about visited websites, date and time of the visit. A website administrator also has the use of all data from the websites visited by a user.

A user can forbid the use of cookie files by setting the web browser, he can remove them or define conditions how they can be used. As a result, the user may not use all functions of visited websites. The basic setting of the web browser allows the user to use cookies and to decline such cookies that do not come from currently visited websites.

A website administrator can connect personal data completed by the user when filling in the registration form with the data included in cookies. A website administrator can use the information gained by cookies separately or in combination with the personal data to assess the use of websites. A website administrator can make reports about website activities, analyse the data statistically or provide other services related to the use of websites.

By accessing the websites owned by the company Lipno Lake s.r.o. the visitors agree with the installation of cookies and they give consent to use their personal data and other data that are included in cookies or are gained by processing and integrating these data. Our company hereby undertakes to protect these data, not to pass the personal data on to other subjects and to respect your wish not to store these data any further.

GOOGLE – The protection of your privacy and terms of contract: more here

The list of cookie files that are used on the websites of the company Lipno Lake s.r.o.:

  • Google Analytics – for the analysis of customer´s satisfaction

  • Facebook – for the analysis of customer´s satisfaction

  • Analytical - help improve the quality of websites
  • Essential - important for the basic functionality of the website