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Rental skis and snowboards 1+1 free

For guests of Lipno Lake Resort rental of skis and snowboards with the exclusive offer 1+1 free

If you book accomodation at Lipno Lake Resort for the period 9.1. - 29.1.2016 nebo 5.3. - 27.3.2016 you will receive an unrivaled discount 1+1 free on rental of skiing equipment in the well equiped shop directly near your apartment Lipno Lake Resort.

Only one person pays, the other has the rent for free!

No more stress, I’m going to rent everything for half price directly in Lipno Lake Resort

Lipno Lake Resort prepared an exclusive offer for the ones among you who do not want to spend unnecessarily on  skiing equipment or those who do not like dragging  skis and snowboards with them in the car.

The best rated sport rental in the Lipno region - Lipno Centrum – has prepared a special offer for guests staying at Lipno Lake Resort with an exclusive discount 1+1 free when renting skiing equipment. It is sufficient to pay for one person and the second person has equipment completely free!

This offer is valid for downhill skis, snowboards, cross-country skis and skates. With downhill skis and snowboards the offer covers individual equipment as well as sets, complete with sticks and boots.

Do not hesitate and book your stay at Lipno Lake Resort in time!

Discount overview 1+1 free – only for guests of Lipno Lake Resort

  • 1+1 DOWNHILL SKI SET for 1 and more days for 2. person free.
  • 1+1 SNOWBOARD SET for 1 and more days for 2. person free.
  • 1+1 CROSS-COUNTRY SKI SET for 1 and more days for 2. person free.
  • 1+1 ICE SKATES for 1 and more days for 2. person free.
  • 1+1 DOWNHILL SKI OR SNOWBOARD SERVICE for 2. person free.
  • 1+1 SERVICE CROSS-COUNTRY SKIS for 2. person free.
  • 1+1 SHARPENING ICE SKATES for 2. person free.

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And that is not all. Also benefit from the exclusive discounts through the tourist guide  Grenzgenial

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