Treetop Trail Lipno

Treetop Trail Lipno

First and only treetop trail in the Czech Republic, can be reached by chairlift with entry point 100m from your apartment!

The trail has a length of 372 meters and its wooden construction is carefully integrated into the deciduous forest. Over the wooden walkway with a maximum rise of 2 - 6% one can get up to a height of 24 meters and enjoy the view of the surrounding forest from a completely different perspective. The whole trail is without obstacles and is accessible not just to people with children’s carriages, but also for users of wheelchairs. The unique Treetop Trail Lipno is there to enjoy for people of all ages and abilities.

An exciting but safe trip along the walkway is ensured through a wooden construction with 75 supporting beams. The wooden railings and transparent netting are a guarantee for safety and clear views. The wooden construction mingles harmoniously with the surrounding nature.

The trail ends at a 40 meter high view tower, which is literally the height of the trail. From here there is a wonderful view of the tops of the Alps, almost all of Lipno Lake, the beautiful scenery of the Šumava and the Novohradské mountains. Access to the first floor of the view tower at 37 meters is again without obstacles. After the 303 meter long walkway and some short stairs you get to the highest point of the tower at 40 meters.

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Look at the distance this attraction from your apartment, it's just a few steps! Virtual Tour - Leisure Time - Lipno Lake Resort