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Běžkařská trať v zimě Frymburk -Lipno běžkař při západu slunce
Běžecká trať - Fryburk - Lipno
Běžecká trať - Fryburk - Lipno
Běžecká trať - Fryburk - Lipno

Maintained Cross-Country Skiing Trails between Lipno and Frymburk

Cross-country skiing area  - Frymburk - Lipno

Cross-Country skiing through snowy forests, meadows, and pastures, or on the frozen lake

A pleasant cross-country skiing area with a total of 43 km of machine-groomed and snowmobile-groomed diverse skiing trails partially along the forested ridge between Frymburk and Lipno, partially through meadows and pastures above Frymburk near Svatonina Lhota, and partially on the frozen and snowy Lake Lipno. The trails are groomed at altitudes ranging from 720 to 920 meters above sea level.

Cross-country skiing area - Frymburk - Lipno

Entering points and accompanying services

Ideal entering points are at the football field in Lipno nad Vltavou and in Frymburk, as well as directly at the Lipno Centrum rentals in Marina Lipno and at the car park at Wellness Hotel Frymburk. You can rent cross-country skiing equipment or have your own skis serviced or waxed at the resort sports rental Lipno Centrum next to the reception.