Bobsleigh track Lipno

Bobsleigh track Lipno

The bobsleigh track in Lipno nad Vltavou with the entry point 200 m from your apartment at Lipno Lake Resort is an ideal destination, the whole year round, for all who like to spend their free time actively.

With its length (1 km), variety (21 bends, 2 tunnels and terrain irregularities) as well as its location in beautiful nature with fantastic views of Lake Lipno, the Lipno bobsleigh track places itself at the absolute world top.

The bobsleigh track provides entertainment for parents with children as young as 3 years of age. Children and adults from 8 to 100 years old can playfully make their way down in the bobsleigh either alone or with 2 people. A special lift takes you to the start. After the bottom tunnel your maximum speed will be measured.

After this exciting experience you can have a drink or something to eat on the terrace of Bobistro. This completely new roofed terrace with fireplace enables bobsleigh drivers and other visitors to warm up and relax. On the grounds there is a children’s playground with an original slide built in to the ground. Open the whole year round.

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